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Information about Roadster # 401

The owner of this car checked in to the Annex in August, 2015.  This is an Abercrombie and Fitch Runabout and the owner said: " I inherited the vehicle from my father Ed Kwolek who owned the car for over 20 years in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania." Additionally:

The (show) picture was taken at a local restaurant that was hosting a charity cruise-in a few weeks ago -- with my cell phone after I parked.  
I have more pictures that I will be sending to you.  Particularly of the trip that the car made down to Florida.  I could not find a transportation company that I was comfortable
using, so my son and I flew to Pittsburgh and brought it down to Florida on the AutoTrain. (Of course it was the center of attention)
As of today, everything is original on the vehicle except for the radio.  I would like to do a complete restore some day.  However, I do not have the space available to have the car dismantled for 
an extended period of time

The car show photo was of such high quality that I made it larger than most.


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